Captain Peter Garland

Peter Garland
Captain Peter Garland

As a Captain in the Frontier Guard, Garland has alternately been condemned as an “Indian-hater of the first order” and “murderer” and hailed as a fearless Indian fighter, defender of the frontier, leading citizen and hero. In retrospect, out of the context of the times, it is doubtful that controversy will ever be resolved. In his Hood County History, Thomas Ewell commented that Garland was “honored and trusted by the people who knew him best and were personally cognizant of all the events.” This must have reflected the views of many of Garland’s contemporaries, as he was elected the first Treasurer of Hood County in 1867.

Captain Peter Garland was the  father of Sue Avarilla Garland, wife of David Lee Nutt.

Mentioned on p.48-49 Goodbye to a River by John Graves

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